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Trusted 4.9/5

Healthy Workplace,

Happy Workforce


Discover Strangify's solutions tailored for workplaces. Elevate employee wellness, foster a positive culture.

Championing Mental Wellness, One Heart at a Time, Embrace a Healthier Tomorrow with Us


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User satisfaction rate


Reduction in stress level


Feeling more empowered

We enhance employee mental well-being through diverse interventions and tailored support.

Community Voices

Unveiling Real Challenges in Corporate Culture

Delve into the hidden realities within corporate environments, uncovering challenges affecting mental well-being at work

The WHO reports a staggering $1.03 trillion economic loss for India due to mental health conditions from 2012-2030, with over 200 million people affected.

Masking Emotions at Work

Revealing the impact of hiding feelings in the workplace on employees' well-being.

The stress from deadlines and pressure, affecting employees in today's workplaces.

Workplace Stress &


Exploring how feeling alone impacts mental health at work

Isolation & Mental Health

Male - 45 years

Life gets complicated, and Strangify understands that. The professional counseling sessions provide valuable perspectives, and the self-care resources have become a daily ritual.

Female - 28 years

Finding understanding and support was crucial. The diverse listeners and comprehensive features create an environment where everyone feels seen and heard.

Female - 22 years

The real-time crisis intervention has been a source of comfort during tough times. The platform caters to a wide age range, proving that mental wellness is timeless.

Female - 23 years

Strangify is like a friend who's always there.the anonymous conversations and helpful resources make it a go-to platform for support.It's like having a pocket guide to mental wellness."

Community Voices

Discover what our community has to say about their transformative experiences with Strangify. Real stories, real impact.

Insights from our Users?


Why Strangify is best choice?

Learn more about Strangify's commitment to mental wellness. Discover our expert guidance, and personalized tools empowering your well-being.



Tailored mental wellness programs

Comprehensive Interventions

Covering Counseling to meditation

Expert Guidance

Access to certified counselors and expert

Ease of Accessibility

Easy access to support and resources.

Positive Impact

Supporting employee mental health.

Scalable Solutions

For Organizational sizes and needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Explore our diverse offerings?

Dive into our array of services tailored to support your mental wellness needs.

Connect anonymously with Listeners for empathetic conversations or seek guidance from licensed Counselors.

Supportive Conversations with Listeners & Counselors

Write down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe, personal space.

Express Yourself Through Private Journaling

Mindfulness Practices: Yoga and Meditation

Explore mindfulness through yoga and meditation sessions. Cultivate peace, calm, and mental clarity with our guided practices.

Ready to use our app?

Just one click

Start using our app effortlessly and enhance your emotional well-being.

Life is a journey filled with unique experiences and challenges. At Strangify, we respect your unique journey. Take the first step toward a healthier mind.

Ready to Explore Mental Wellness?

Discover tools, connect with our supportive community, and take the first step towards a healthier mind

Feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts?

You're not alone. Strangify offers a safe space to untangle your mind, share your feelings, and connect with empathetic listeners

Have you ever felt like you're losing a part of yourself?

Strangify provides a place to explore, rediscover, and nurture your inner strength.

Venting Your Worries: A Safe Space to Share

Engage in chat or call sessions for assistance.

Chat or Call Support



Access certified experts for guidance and support.

Connect with Experts


Share your feelings or problems anonymously in a secure space.

Share Your Feelings

Community Voices

Discover what our community has to say about their transformative experiences with Strangify. Real stories, real impact.


I'm impressed by Strangify's commitment to employee well-being through a secure space for emotional expression, and I appreciate the quality of their expert listeners and counselors."

Prateek Maheswari

( Co-Founder PhysicsWallah

"Himanshu's launch of Strangify at a young age is inspiring. His passion for helping others is evident, and I'm excited to see how Strangify grows in supporting emotional well-being. #LetsStrangify"

Nivedan Rathi

( Founder Coffee & Startups)

Sahil vaidya

I admire Strangify, a platform created by the young and visionary Himanshu to enhance emotional well-being. Wishing him success in his mission to help others.

( Co-Founder The Minimalist )

If you need help, reach out to us at We're here for you.



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