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What’s Your Story

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About Us

We are not people. We are not names. We are stories. We are surrounded by them. Stories that need listening, stories that need understanding, stories that need acceptance. Some people want love, some want success, some want money, and some want fame but there are people out there who crave nothing but an ounce of acceptance and understanding. They don't want to be judged for the choices they made, the decisions they took, the things they face or who they are. These stories are stuck on a painful chapter and just someone willing to listen to them can help them write the rest of their book.
For those out there seeking acceptance, there is a way to make your story known, to have your pain shared. There is an upcoming platform where you can tell all your heart wants to and have people who will understand. STRANGIFY will help you share your stories without being judged for it, without being called upon it. It's a sanctuary for those who look for one thing that most of us seek - acceptance.

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How Are We Better

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Privacy Assured

Connect with people while assuring the wall of security and privacy #Safe&Secure One on One interaction helps people build a feeling of connection and sympathy

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Only The Best

Our listeners pass through a 3 steps filtration process to provide you with the best and world-class services.

#Quality Assured

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Strict Moderation

No Trolling and critics is Possible through our platforms Creating a platform with strict moderation and safety policies. Providing the best , safe and interactive platform

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Connect with folks of your choice

Connection with people of your choice helps people build feeling of connect, understanding and sympathy.

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based interface

Connection-based 1-1 interface tend people to spend more time on app
i.e increasing revenue as well

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Community of good segment of folks

We are creating a community of great folks from around the world. Who wants to vent their heart out and take a step towards better them.

I'm aching to my soul,
Need someone to console;
Can't even share to my kin,
All the things that have been hurting;
All I need is an ear,
To listen to all that I fear;
All I need is someone to know,
How much I feel hollow;
I fear being judged,
I fear being hurt,
Just want to find someone I can entrust.

At somepoint somewhere we all have felt judged or misunderstood by people we love. Sometimes we fear even sharing to them. But what if we don't have to, what if you can just talk to someone you don't even know so the fear of rejection won't be there.

There is a way there is an upcoming platform where you can share your sorrows and pent up frustration to someone you don't even know. A complete stranger. Sign up on Strangify if you are someone who needs an ear to listen.

I'm tired of keeping it in my heart,
My seams seem to be falling apart;
My sanity is slowly fading away,
Someone has to stop me from falling into the bay;
I don't want to be judged as such,
Is that asking for too much;
All I want someone to tell really,
Just waiting for someone to ask –
"What's your story?"

Here it's safe an a haven,
Here you are understood for being mistaken;
Here you can choose whether to talk,
Or to listen to problems others have embarked;
Here you can share who you are,
Have some love even if it's from afar;
Here you are accepted,
Here you are protected,
Here nothing from you will be expected,
Here your thoughts will always be respected.

Why Us

Gathering around a bonfire, sitting with your friends at a party, late night confessions with our family, heart-to-hearts with co-passengers in a journey, who we may never see again… What is that magical thing common to all these experiences that touch all of us?

Let us put it this way: when have we NOT felt better after letting things off our chest, sharing our experiences, and realizing how we all are, at the end of the day, not so different? Haven’t we all, at least once in our lives, been glad that we were brave enough to say our story?

Strangify, like you, knows how important that feeling is. To be able to voice out whatever is in your heart does more than just empower. It heals. 

Join us at Strangify. We are a community of people with stories to share, and people willing to listen. Let us be the kind ear to someone we do not know– and have someone repeat the kindness for ourselves. 

A story locked in your heart? Let Strangify unlock it. Trust us, you’ll feel better :-)

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Contact Us

Let's Talk

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Jaipur, India


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